… Namibia Southern Africa’s Hidden Gem …

Named after the Namib desert, Namibia is on the Southwest coast of Africa,
and is renowned for its “Sea of Red Sand” its vast landscapes,
it’s blue skies, and its stunning, unique, and abundant wildlife

11 Day Landscape & Wildlife Photography workshop

This Safari Adventure is SOLD OUT,
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Shadows on a Dune at Hidden Vlei

Join wildlife and adventure photographer Gavin Slabbert for a luxurious landscape & wildlife safari and Photography workshop of a lifetime, at one of Namibia’s premier game reserves.

This 11 day, action-packed landscape & wildlife safari photography workshop consists of 6 days of landscape shooting at the following venues …


Why Namibia in October ?

It’s simple really, October is by far the best time of year and is about 2 months before the rainy season, but the clouds are starting to build up, so we not only have the opportunity to photograph clear skies on some days, but there will be days will amazing cloud formations as well. Most other times of the year the desert is hot and dry with no clouds and the sky is boring. Further, the land is dry so the wildlife congregate at the waterholes leading some amazing action, conflict and greatly increases the opportunity to witness “The African circle of life”


Safari Dates:

September 29 – October 9, 2014 (Sold Out)

Landscape Photography Portion:

Keetmanshoop, The Quiver forest, Kolmanskop Ghost Town, Dunes of Namib-Naukluft Park, Sossusvlei, Deadvlei and Hiddenvlei, The flamingo’s of Dorob, The fur seals of Cape Cross


Wildlife Safari Photography Portion:

Consists of 5 days of shooting with 3 days at Erindi private game reserve where we will get to do 2 game drives a day and will get to photograph the rare and endangered Africa wild dog, Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Hippo, Red Hartebeest, Black Wildebeest, Blue Wildebeest, two types of Zebra, giraffe, some of the largest elephant in Africa and even Warthog, as well as any number of raptors such as the Snake eagle, Fish Eagle, Pale Chanting Goshawk, over 300 other bird species including the iconic Kori Bustard.


This exclusive landscape and wildlife photo safari & workshop will offer some of the best lion, leopard, elephant, and Hippo photography in the world, as well as some of the most stunning and unique landscape photography known to man.

This amazing photo safari is specifically targeted at the serious photographer and game viewer.

We’ve booked two private game vehicles each with 3 rows of seating as well as a 21 seat luxury tour bus for the road portion of this safari.


About the Photographic Safari:

I will be shooting alongside you most of the time, and I will provide assistance on specific topics such as dealing with backlit subjects, panning, composition as well as wildlife behavior characteristics.

This safari and workshop is about photography, and we will shoot from dusk to dawn each day. We will all work with each other, exchange information and ideas, talk about photography and enjoy the Namibian Desert.

Due of the unique location of this workshop and the luxury accommodations, this workshop adventure is open to spouses as well as photographers. Non-photographer companions will find the locales visited and the wildlife viewing opportunities stunning.


Safari Highlights:

• 11 days of unbelievable photographic opportunities

• Private 21 seater luxury bus for all road travel

• Sunrise and sunset landscape photography at the Quiver Tree forest

• Sunrise and sunset photography at world renowned Kolmanskop Ghost Town

• Private access into Namib-Naukluft Park which enables us to be on location on the dunes prior to sunrise and until sunset

• 2 days in the Dunes of the Namib-Naukluft Park, photographing Sossusvlei, Hiddenvlei and Deadvlei and other dunes

• 2 private game vehicles for the game drives at Erindi Private Game Reserve

• AM & PM game drive each day while at Erindi Private game Reserve

• Lodging at the luxurious Erindi Old Traders Lodge

• Each Safari is limited to 12 photographers / partners.

• Erindi’s professionally trained and certified guides will help us in find the wildlife we intend to photograph.

• This landscape photo workshop and safari offers unbelievable game viewing and photography opportunities in luxury settings in the Namibian Desert.

Hmmm … is This Safari For me:

Here are some highlights to assist in your decision making process:

• Photographers of all skill levels are most welcome.

• This safari is all about learning, enjoyment and includes instruction that should fulfill each photographers requirements.

• Our “classroom sessions” are informal .

• Image critiques are done by request and are one on one and private

• Non-photographer spouses / companions / assistants will love the luxury and tranquility while the photographers indulge in their passion.

• Erindi’s professionally trained guides lead all safaris and any of the available optional activities.


What’s Included:

• 11 days of accommodation which is on a per person sharing basis

• Transportation in a 21 seater luxury air-conditioned motor coach

• Transportation to and from Windhoek International Airport

• 2 private safari vehicles and all safari activities at Erindi Private game reserve.

• Tourism Levies, and the 14% VAT (Value Added Tax).

• Breakfast, lunch and Dinner each day

• All permits to photograph in restricted areas

• All park fees and levies

• Accommodation on night 1 at the WinStar World Casino & Resort in Windhoek

What’s Not Included:

• International airfare and other transportation between your place of departure and Windhoek International airport.
• Laundry and any extras at Winstar World Casino & Resort
• All gratuities
• Visas (if applicable)
• Travel Insurance.
• Personal purchases (including curios, spirit liquors, telephone calls etc.)


Number of Photographers / non-Photographers:

We limit each safari to 12 photographers and their spouse / companions

Non-photographer companions / assistants will share the photographer’s row of seating


Tentative Schedule:

Day 1 – Fly into Windhoek, relax and have a round of drinks on me at at the WinStar World Casino & Resort

Quiver Tree in the morning light

Day 2 – Wake early and drive to Keetmanshoop, shoot a little in town, and then head out to the Quiver forest to shoot the sunset and possibly some stars

The quiver tree or “Kokerboom” is one of the most interesting and characteristic plants of the very hot and dry parts of Namibia and the northwestern part of the Cape Province in South Africa. Actually it is no tree, but an aloe plant. The botanical name is ALOE DICHOTOMA. Dichotoma refers to the forked branches of the plant. The plant is called a “Kokerboom” because some Bushmen and Hottentot tribes used the tough, pliable bark and branches to make quivers for their arrows. “Koker” is the Afrikaans word for quiver.

The quiver tree is a stout tree up to 9 meters high with a smooth trunk which can be up to one meter in diameter at ground level. The plants are usually found growing singly but in some areas the plants grow in large groups, giving the effect of a forest. The quiver tree propagates only by seeds. They have their first flowers when they are about 20 to 30 years old. The flowers are branch panicles up to 30 cm tall from the base of the penducle to the apex of the terminal of the racem.



Day 3 – Up early for a sunrise shoot in the quiver forest, breakfast at the lodge and head out to Kolmanskop and shoot the late afternoon and the sunset in the ghost town

Kolmanskop Ghost Town

Kolmanskop is Namibia’s most famous ghost town, and is situated in the Sperrbebiet (forbidden territory) a few kilometers inland from the port of Luderitz. In 1908, the railway worker Zacharias Lewala found a sparkling stone amongst the sand he was shoveling away from the railway line, near Kolmanskop. His supervisor August Stauch, was convinced it was a diamond and when this was confirmed, the news spread like wildfire, sparking a huge, frantic diamond rush and causing fortune hunters to converge in droves on Kolmanskop.

The town soon developed, becoming a bustling little center and providing shelter for workers from the harsh environment of the Namib Desert. Large, elegant houses were built and it soon resembled a German town, complete with an impressive array of amenities including; a hospital, ballroom, power station, school, 4-lane skittle alley, theatre and sports hall, casino, ice factory and the first x-ray station in the southern hemisphere. Fresh meat could be purchased at the butcher’s, there was a bakery, furniture factory, a public playground and even a swimming pool! At the time, there was also a railway line to Luderitz.

The development of Kolmanskop reached its pinnacle in the 1920’s, but the town declined after World War 1, when diamond prices crashed. At this time approximately 300 German adults, 40 children and 800 Owambo contract workers lived in the town. In spite of, or probably because of, the isolation and bleakness of the surrounding desert, Kolmanskop developed into a lively little haven of German culture, offering entertainment and recreation to suit the requirements of the affluent colonialists.

Unfortunately for Kolmanskop and its inhabitants, richer diamond deposits were discovered further south, and operations were moved to Oranjemund. In a span of 40 years Kolmanskop.

Day 4 – Up early again to get to Kolmanskop ghost town for the sunrise shoot, have a late breakfast and head off to Sossusvlei to shoot the sunset at dune 45


Dead tree at Hiddenvlei

Day 5 – Shoot the sunrise at either Hiddenvlei or Deadvlei, spend time in the dunes shooting the dead trees and various landscapes. Shoot sunset in the dunes and head back to the lodge for a relaxing dinner.

No Namibian safari is complete without a visit to world renowned Sossusvlei, in the heart of the enormous, almost 50 000 km² (19 305 square mile) Namib-Naukluft Park. Surrounded by a sea of ever-changing sand dunes, Sossusvlei is a clay pan that only rarely fills with water. It is a place of awe-inspiring beauty – magnificent terracotta sand dunes that rise over 300 m (980 feet) into the vast, blue sky. These dune are said to be among the highest dunes in the world, and climbing to the top of one of these dunes is an unforgettable experience.

Rare and strange desert-adapted plants, such as the welwitschia mirabilis

Dead Vlei Pan, where ancient camel thorn trees provide striking visuals

Black and white oryx, springbok and ostriches and striking sunsets or sunrises over the vase sea of dunes


Day 6 – Up Early yet again to shoot another sunrise in the dunes, head back to the lodge for breakfast and head off to Cape Cross to shoot the seals in the afternoon


Day 7 – Up for a sunrise shoot the Flamingos pelicans and other birds at Dorob National Park, back to the hotel for breakfast and then on to Erindi Private Game reserve


Day 8 – Day 10 – Arrive at Erindi in time for the PM game drive, have sundowners in the bush, head back to the lodge for dinner, enjoy Am and PM game drives shooting lion, leopard, Elephant, Hippo, Crocodiles, Zebra, Wildebeest, Oryx and other antelope, Black and white Rhino, wild dog and possibly a pangolin and a myriad of birds.

Lions at play in the morning light

Erindi Private Game Reserve offers the widest selection of exciting species (in the greatest numbers), the most dynamic and informed guides, the finest cuisine, the best facilities, and the friendliest welcome you could imagine.

The ultimate bush luxury in an environment geared up for relaxed game viewing. Erindi comprises of 70 719 ha of pristine wilderness, and presents an amazing array of diverse landscapes – from golden savannah to dense bush with mountains, natural waterholes, grasslands and pans.

Old Traders Lodge is the perfect base for your forays into the exhilarating bush, our spacious suites have all the charm, comfort and conveniences you’d expect of a top-flight resort. Spot various game species while walking through the Camp, on the deck, or from your suite patio.

Keep your camera nearby as you walk to and from your suites – guests are likely to spot some friendly, free-roaming locals on their way to one of two (four-legged) watering holes within the Old Traders Camp.

Day 11 – Enjoy our last game drive, return for breakfast checkout and head back to Windhoek International Airport.

Our Tentative Route:

Images in Africa’s Landscape & Wildlife Safari and Photography Workshop Route


All accommodation will be on a per person sharing basis and will be in quality hotels and or lodges.


Guests will enjoy sublime cuisine prepared by executive chefs, vintage South African wines while observing the wildlife at the waterhole that the Old Traders lodge at Erindi overlooks..

We focus on freshly produced meals in wonderful surroundings – complimenting the friendly and attentive service, all of which is included.

* Please make us aware of any food allergies and or special dietary requirements


A $1500.00 per person deposit is required at the time of booking to reserve your spot on safari.

Please contact Gavin at (916) 759-0776 or via the contact page to discuss availability

So … what’s next:

This Landscape and safari adventure has been kept to a maximum of 12 photographers, thus space is very limited. If this spectacular photo safari piques your interest, then register now.

Remember, there is limited space for this safari and when it’s filled – that’s it!

If you have any questions prior to registering, please contact us, or to discuss this in person, call Gavin at 916 759-0776


Refund and Cancellation Policy for this safari:

All deposits are fully refundable up to 90 days from the date of the reservation, unless the reservation is made within 6 months of the safari commencement date, then the following refund policy will apply.

After 90 days from the date of the reservation 50% of the deposit is refundable up to 6 months prior to the Safari.

Within 6 months of the safari commencement date, and up to 90 days prior the commencement date of the safari, 100% of the deposit is forfeited, all other funds are refundable.

Unfortunately there is no refund for no shows or cancellations within 90 days of this safari.


For additional information you may want to read through the FAQ page