You are probably here at the FAQ page so that you can find out more about the Wildlife & Nature photography trips and safaris in Southern Africa. I will do my best to provide all answers however if there is a question that you do not see and need it answered then drop me a line via Contact Us and I will answer it as best I can and add your question to the FAQ page.

What an excellent question, yes the travel / safari industry is full of people that will take your deposits and your money and simply disappear, as a result the travel industry in Florida is Regulated. We at Images in Africa Safaris are licensed by the State or Florida (Lic# ST38899), further we are bonded (Bond# 57BSBGM6514) through Hartford Fire Insurance Company, that bond is filed with the State of Florida, and are happy to show you proof of this registration and bonding. If you as a traveler have any concerns about photography trips, ask the company that you are considering making a booking through if they are licensed and bonded and also ask to see proof or you run the risk of being ripped off or worse yet, arriving at your destination in a foreign country only to find out that you do not have a reservation, or a guide.

photo-vehicle-webThis is always the first question asked, and rightfully so. As a photography trip and safari our goal is to satisfy the photographer as a result effective January 2014 we will only have 1 photographer per row, except for one lodge in Sabi Sand which has a specifically designed photography vehicle that has swivel seats and wembley heads fitted to their vehicle. In this instance we have 2 photographers per row and a total of 4 photographers per vehicle.

Well that depends on the time of year and specials that the airlines offer. Typically in September through the end of the year prices are at their highest , and are usually around $2500.00 round trip including all taxes and fees. Starting January through March each year SAA (South African Airways) typically offers either a 2 for 1 or a round trip airfare, at approximately $1600.00 all included, however I would check with the airlines and or travel agent, as these are past numbers, and the airlines change their rates and specials on a regular basis.

Sure I will if I get them, I subscribe to South African Airways and they have sent me the specials when they have them. Typically these show up around November but I have seen them at all times of the year.

No I am not, but my company is Licensed and bonded with the State of Florida, I am an ex South African and fellow photographer, who has access to some seriously low prices in Southern Africa due to ties in the country.

I am a firm believer in trip insurance, as we do not know what the future holds, and due to the cost of the trips and that some trips are non refundable I highly recommend it. I now offer trip insurance as a service to my clients, and I do not add any commissions or fees. My cost is your cost.

I graduated from "The New Institute of Photography" with an award of Merit, however the best instructor I have had has been experience and the school of hard knocks. As for teaching ... I taught for years to the United States Marines.

I am now a US citizen, but we can discuss my roll as a Marine Corp instructor over a camp fire

Namibia is Malaria free and with its clean air, good water, immaculate scenery, excellent infrastructure, and pleasantly warm, dry climate; Namibia is naturally healthy and invigorating for body and mind.

I have no medical experience so please consult your physician however South Africa and Namibia are of the few lesser-developed countries where tourists do not have to worry unduly about exposure to health risks on a photography trip or expedition. But should it so happen that you do require medical assistance – as you might in your back yard – you can rest assured that health care in towns and cities matches leading global standards. And if you require assistance in remote areas, there is a rapid, reliable flying rescue service available. As with any other destination, it is advisable that you take out travel insurance for total peace of mind. Still please check with your doctor.

Please let us know what food allergies you have and we will do our level best to cater to your needs

For some it will be a photography trip/workshop for some it will be a Safari and for others it will be both, there will be 4 3 hour or longer workshops and question and answer sessions that you can attend should you choose, and I will discuss and teach photography in some depth, however it is not the primary target of is audience. We are here to work with you on your images, guide you through shooting wildlife and nature, and introduce you to the African landscape, its beauty and tranquility and have you experience a once in a lifetime vacation with your partner, yet still combine your passion for photography, wildlife and Nature in unbelievably romantic surroundings. Your wife, husband or partner will not be bored, and they will get more than their fill of the animals, nature, birds and Africa as a whole. The workshops will be taught in the middle of the day, after the morning game drive and before the afternoon game drives when the light is at it's brightest and worst photography wise. These times have been carefully selected so that everyone can not only enjoy Africa, but attend all the Gamer Drives, and the family can go on walks, what the Hippo, or simply relax with a good book at the pool. These Safaris are truly for everyone.

Most new camera and battery chargers can handle both 110v and 240v, however we will have a limited number of step down transformers should you require one. Also 240v - 110v adapters are readily available in the USA for purchase and are very inexpensive.

Oh for sure, there will be a whole range of skill levels, and most people are willing to help, plus I will be available for 1 on 1 training and assistance should you require it, and this will be at no additional charge. Further I will be on most game drives and bush-walks so that I can provide guidance and assistance if asked.

Yes Africa can get hot, but the desert can get cool in the evenings, so bring thin long sleeved shirts and long pants, plus a hat to shade yourself from the sun and always use sun block, and don’t forget a jacket or sweater for the evenings, if you are going to do a busk walk or 2 then bring a good pair of walking shoes. In fact I would recommend you bring a good pair of hiking boots with you.

Absolutely, the guide and driver are very skilled at getting close to the wild animals and most images are shot within 100 yards of the animals.

Yes the animals are truly wild, and wild animals can be unpredictable, however the driver and guide are skilled professionals and they have been trained to keep you safe at all costs, so you really have little to fear. However you will be required to sign a waiver.

This is a difficult question to answer, but if you change lenses do it quickly, and with your camera sensor facing downwards, but without a doubt you are going to get dust on your sensor, and if you do not know how to clean it then I will teach you how to do it correctly. Should you need, I can also recommend some good sensor cleaning kits which will make your life pretty easy on our photography trip.

I have yet to have any issues with my camera, tripod, mono-pod, lenses or batteries when carried onto the plane for a photography trip. I have however ever had an issue attempting to carry-on a "Rocket blower" so if you have one I would recommend that you put it in your checked luggage.

Sure you can, unfortunately unlike the USA, Canada and some other countries, both South Africa and Namibia charge for accommodation on a per person basis, and if you would like to your own room, you will have to pay a single person supplement. You will find this option in the shopping cart, if this is what you are looking for then please be sure to add it to your cart.

Thank you for asking, Yes we do accept credit cards and we accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

If you must cancel your reservation, Images in Africa Safaris will assess a cancellation charge to cover loss of nonrefundable advance payments we have made on your behalf to ground operators and government agencies, communication expenses, and the loss of time that may permit resale of your space.  Exceptions to our cancellation policy cannot be made for any reason, including weather, terrorism, civil unrest, or personal emergencies.  There is no refund for arriving late or leaving a trip early.  No refunds will be given for unused hotel rooms, meals, or sightseeing trips for any reason whatsoever.  Percentage charges are calculated on total trip cost.  The following cancellation charges will apply:

All deposits are fully refundable up to 90 days from the date of the reservation, unless the reservation is made within 6 months of the safari commencement date.  If the reservation is made less than 6 months of the safari commencement date, then the following refund policy will apply:  After 90 days from the date of the reservation, 50% of the deposit is refundable up to 6 months prior to the safari commencement date.  Within 6 months of the safari commencement date, and up to 90 days prior the safari commencement date, 100% of the deposit is forfeited but all other funds are refundable.  There are no refunds for no shows or cancellations made within 90 days of the safari commencement date.

We recommend obtaining trip cancellation/ interruption and baggage loss insurance which is available from various providers. This coverage may offset cancellation charges in the event of illness before or during the trip and/or if you need to cancel for work reasons depending on the coverage provided by the plan.


  • We cannot guarantee that you will view and experience every species as wildlife behavior patterns are unpredictable, however the dates selected and the region selected will provide the best opportunity for the ultimate wildlife experience.
  • Spouse, partners, assistants share the photographers row of seating.