“A typical Day on Safari”


6 – 9am

As dawn’s rosy light filters through your drapes, the lush foliage comes alive with birdsong and monkeys chattering. Now is the perfect time to embark on a morning game drive. Your expert guide and tracker greet you with a steaming cup of coffee or tea and brief you on the myriad of wildlife you can expect to view this day. Grab your camera and binoculars, board your open-top all-wheel-drive safari vehicle, and begin your search for _F0T3124-elephant-bwthe notorious Big Five — that is, the Elephant, Lion, Rhino, Buffalo and Leopard once so-prized by the early big game hunters — and a menagerie of other fascinating game and birds. Soon, you are capturing photos of a lifetime … lumbering hippos as they waddle into their favorite watering holes for the day, graceful Gazelle, iconic Gemsbok, Impalas, Springbok grazing in the golden grasses, or if you’re lucky, a Lioness and her cubs after the night’s hunt.


With all the excitement of spotting wildlife and anticipation of never knowing what you’ll experience next, you’re sure to have an appetite. Return to the cool canopy of your lodge for a hearty breakfast of fresh-squeezed orange juice, eggs prepared just as you like, and perhaps some piping hot berry scones or melt-in-your-mouth pastries. Your guide just may surprise you with an alfresco breakfast overlooking a popular waterhole where you can quietly observe the pecking order of animals waiting their chance to drink.


Relax and do as you please, or explore the lush landscaped grounds of your luxurious lodge, take a refreshing dip in the mesmerizing pool, or, simply lounge with a book, absorbing the myriad of sounds and scents of the bush. Perhaps join a local expert for a special talk about the local culture or take a guided bush walk to get an up close look at the smaller wildlife and plants. You may learn all about the ancient secrets of tracking, how to tell the difference between a leopard and a cheetah.


Join your safari companions under a cool thatched canopy for a scrumptious lunch of local specialties and international favorites. Your imaginative world-class chef pairs organic local produce with gourmet recipes, drawing upon European, Asian and African cuisine.


As the animals retreat to the shade, spend a leisurely afternoon pampering yourself poolside, or opt for a variety of explorations. Experience the real Africa and encounter the proud Bushman, dressed in his traditional dress with bow and arrow, striding confidently among the wildlife. Or spend a couple of hours at our photography workshop (included in the price) and learn how to get the most out of your DSLR, learn about the exposure triangle, lighting and composition, or how best to shoot the African wildlife at night using your flash.

4:30 – 8pm

As the strong sun diminishes, the wildlife awaken from their lazy naps — it’s time to join your ranger for a late afternoon game drive to catch the animals in action. Seek out Kudu or stately Eland, Africa’s largest antelope, as it forages among the grasses, photograph young Elephant calves tucked among their aunties’ legs; and search the shadows with your tracker as he determines the most likely hiding spot for the Leopard to awaken from its afternoon siesta. Listen to the Lions roar as it echoes across the savannah while you linger at a panoramic viewpoint sipping Sundowners — the safari tradition of servingAfrican-Sunset-1wine or cocktails as the sun sets. Upon your drive back to camp, observe in wonder as your ranger spotlights the nocturnal civets and pre-historic looking anteaters and chameleons.


In the dining room of your lodge, savor a delicious dinner of Pan-African cuisine and culinary creations to tempt every palate. Raise your glass of South Africa’s finest wine and toast your day’s adventures.


Gather around the watering hole outside the lodge and wrap up your evening stargazing or relaxing with a drink while taking in the array of wildlife that come to quench their thirst prior to the nights hunt, or behold the Southern Cross and Milky Way illuminating the velvety sky. After a day of spectacular memories sink into your luxurious pillows and cool sheets for a good night’s rest and dream of what tomorrow will bring.